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Focus on praying for the families within Tynedale. Below are some activities for all ages to help us pray and grow.

Make a Family Tree for your Church

Draw a tree outline on a large sheet of paper. Encourage your members to add their names as 'leaves' pasted or drawn on the tree. Using lots of different types of paper will add interest to your tree. Use it to pray for everyone in your church family.


Take pictures of the different groups in your church (Make sure you their permission first) have a rolling display as part of your intercessions on Sunday.

Involving Children and Young People in Prayer

Get some children in your church to lead the intercessions.

Phone your local school, say the church will be praying for them this weekend ask for prayer requests.

Ask your Messy Church/ boys brigade/ Sunday school to make a paper scrapbook or a video clip showing some of their work and saying something about their group. Get your minister to check the book when it is finished then it could be passed around the church over the next week or year so that different individuals can pray for them. A video clip could be shown on your church screen.

Prayer Ideas for the young and young at heart!

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Skittles Prayers — Share a bag of Skittles or Smarties and pray according to the colour you choose:

  • Red: family
  • Purple: friends
  • Green: the environment/animals
  • Yellow: the world
  • Orange: school/work

Bubble Wrap Worry Prayers — Tell God your worries and pop a bubble as a symbol of giving your worry to God

Spoon Prayers — Mix spoons in a bag choose one at random and pray the appropriate prayer

  • Teaspoon — Pray a Thank You prayer  
  • Soup spoon — Pray a Sorry prayer
  • Pudding Spoon Pray a Please Prayer

Squares Prayers — Place rows of dots on a piece of paper. Take it in turns to connect two dots with a line.  When you make a complete square, write the initial of or draw a small picture of something or someone you want to pray for.  The winner is the one who has made the most prayer squares!

Lego Thank You Prayers — Build a tower of Lego blocks.  For each block you add, thank God for someone or something. 

Bubble Prayers — Say a please, sorry or thank you prayer.  Blow some bubbles and picture giving your prayer to God

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