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Mission Strategy

On Thursday 16th March 2017 the Circuit Meeting (Trustee Body) of the Tynedale Circuit took an exciting and bold decision when it adopted a new Mission Strategy for the Tynedale Circuit. It agreed that the Circuit's commitment across Tynedale is to see:

Vibrant Christian communities which introduce people to life in the Kingdom of God and help people to live as followers of Jesus Christ.

Vibrant Christian communities are groups of Christian disciples who, led by the Spirit and working together, show the following characteristics, based on Acts 2: 42-47.

  • A sense of awe and wonder, expressed in passionate worship.
  • Faithful and creative engagement with 'the apostles' teaching' (i.e., Scripture) which helps people to live and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Loving relationships: a community practising hospitality (Romans 12:13) and Christ's acceptance of all (Romans 15:7), in which people are able to share their lives freely with one another (1 Thessalonians 2: 8).
  • Openness to and dependence on God, expressed through taking part in heartfelt and life-giving prayer, worship, baptism and communion.
  • Active in mission and evangelism in local communities on a regular basis; sharing with others about Jesus and inviting them to be part of the Good News.
  • Being generous – with time, money, love, forgiveness, etc.
  • Being outward looking, with a willingness to take faith-risks in mission and service.
  • Members knowing and using their gifts and ministries.
  • Being discerning about what works well for the purposes of God within their community, and being willing to let go of things which have fulfilled their purpose.

In seeking to achieve this vision the Circuit Meeting agreed that:

We will:

  • Pray, together and alone, as the foundation to all that follows (Psalm 127: 1).
  • Expect renewal and growth: in personal faith, in community impact, and in the number of followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Consistently present a vision for joined-up mission across the Circuit.
  • Value things that relate to mission.
  • Give people confidence to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and talk about their faith with others.

We will build vibrant Christian communities by:

  • Identifying strategic centres, both those with a Methodist presence and those without.
  • Building up and resourcing vibrant Christian communities in those strategic centres, recognising & training lay leaders in them.
  • Recognising which non-strategic Methodist societies are viable and contributing to the work of God's Kingdom, with the purpose of continuing to support those societies.
  • Recognising current societies where closure is the only realistic future and work with those societies to end well and to hear God say 'well done good and faithful servants'.
  • Consulting and working ecumenically where appropriate, including liaising and collaborating with the Fresh Expressions Area Strategy Team (FEAST).

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