Growing Men of God

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'Growing Men of God' looking at ways men can deepen their faith and how Churches can help men come to faith.

Prayer Activity 1: Leather Prayer Bands

Ask your minister for a leather prayer band, produced by Christian Vision for Men. Prayerfully choose 5 people to pray for. Take the leather band and tie a knot in it for each person. Write their names on the card. Wear or carry the knotted leather band. Pray daily that they would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Let us know and rejoice in those coming to the Lord.

Prayer Activity 2: Praying for Men in Your Life

Pray for the men in your life, for a deeper relationship with the Lord. Sons, husbands, brothers, boyfriends, uncles, work colleagues, friends, ministers, men in leadership roles etc

Prayer Activity 3: Faith Sharing

Organise a men's prayer breakfast or Pie, Peas and Prayer. Meet up with other men to share prayer concerns. Visit a Tynedale based group.

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