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The following three prayer activities are suggestions of ways to pray for God's vision for the Tynedale Circuit.

Prayer Activity 1: Praying the Vision

Spend time in prayer for Vision of what God wants us to do and be as Christians in Tynedale Circuit. You may find it useful to use the points below, as the vision that emerged on the Ministers retreat in September 2016 and was shared in Living Waters.

  • Mission or maintenance — discernment of God for each of our places
  • Renewal of vision across the circuit
  • -Shift of mindset towards spiritual growth
  • -Vibrancy and transformation
  • Encouraging people to look for the glimpses of God's glory in their every day lives
  • Circuit officers and offices — that their roles may be a JOY!
  • Knowing life in all its fullness
  • Good stewardship of time, money, gifts and skills...Releasing Potential!
  • Anticipation that God has so much more for us
  • Participating in and hearing God's Word
  • Keeping things simple

Prayer Activity 2: God's Glory

Look for and keep a record of when you get glimpses of God's Glory in your every day life. You might record your 'glimpses' in one of the following ways:

  • Jotting down notes
  • Keeping a brief diary
  • Drawing or painting
  • Keeping a blog
  • Texting your glimpses to a friend
  • Using Post-It Notes
  • Having a prayer board to pin 'glimpses' to
  • And many other ways....

Share with other members of your fellowship, some of the glimpses of God's glory you have been blessed to see.
If you have been creative with how you have kept your record, why not bring that along to the service as well!

Prayer Activity 3: Growing the Vision

  • Plant seeds or seedlings where you can watch them grow
  • Put a copy of the Circuit Growing the Kingdom Prayer next to the seeds. You may also like to add a favourite Bible verse or verses
  • Now watch for growth!
  • As you see the plants grow, pray for growth in our circuit, both spiritually and numerically
  • You can pray for the circuit as a whole and use the circuit plan to pray for growth in each individual chapel or church...maybe a different one each day

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