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'Encounter' returns in September

Following a successful first session in June, and a second in July, Encounter will return at Hexham West End Methodist Church on MONDAY 5th SEPTEMBER, at 7.30pm. Read on for further information.

Have you ever wondered whether there's a God?

It might seem a strange question for the Circuit website, but it's a question which is being put to everyone in the Tyne Valley, regardless of whether they are churchgoers or not.

The new series was launched this summer, inviting people to come and have an encounter with God. It is a collaborative venture between members of Hexham West End and Hexham Trinity Methodist churches.

The first session took place in June at Hexham West End Methodist Church. It is set to continue and the next will take place at West End once again, on MONDAY 5th SEPTEMBER at 7.30pm.

The initiative is for all who wish to encounter God, with the hope that those who have had an encounter, invite those who haven't.

Rev Gareth Sherwood explained: "We are confident that God wants to meet every single one of you. We have created a space with music, art, and the opportunity to hear from others who have encountered God.

"Whether you are a committed Christian, an atheist, or somewhere in between, we welcome you to Encounter, a place to meet with God."

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