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Local Arrangements – let us screen a video service in your church!

A message to all churches within the Tynedale circuit

I want to remind you about the help and support we are able to provide with Local Arrangements.

I have recently attended Local Arrangements at Allendale and Riding Mill, where we successfully screened one of our pre-recorded video services.

These were very well received by the respective congregations, who are keen to do it all again in the near future.

We have been producing regular video services, sometimes known as online services, since last summer. Some of them are generic, to be used at any time of the year, while others are tailored for specific dates in the calendar, such as Christmas, Easter or Pentecost.

We are continuing to produce them and will always have the right video service to suit your Local Arrangement.

We understand that Local Arrangements can place a demand on church members, so let us take that pressure away!

All you have to do is give me a call, or contact me via email, and we will make arrangements for a video service to be played at your Local Arrangement.

The video includes everything – the whole service – from start to finish, including prayers, readings, a sermon and hymns. They are all led by familiar faces, our own Ministers and Local Preachers from around the Circuit, who have thoroughly enjoyed the process of filming and producing them.

If you're worried about technology – don't worry! I'm happy to visit your church, either before the service or on the day itself, to play the video and show you how to do it.

For those who already have the technological means, I can send you the video in advance.

Haltwhistle and Wylam are among the other churches who have also used our video services so far.

My message is loud and clear – get in touch – use what we have to offer and we are more than happy to help.

Joseph Tulip
Communications Co-ordinator

Mobile: 07862 030 184


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