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A new course based on The Methodist Way of Life will get underway in Tynedale this week.

The course, titled Finding the Way, will take place at Haydon Bridge Methodist Church in three parts — with the first one starting on Wednesday (15th September) at 7pm.

A Methodist Way of Life is all about how we try to live our lives in response to God's love, made known to us in Jesus. A guide to a Methodist Way of Life is now available in booklet form, and online.

Deacon Anne Taylor, who will lead the sessions, said: "The course will take place at Haydon Bridge — anyone from around the Circuit who would like to join in will be most welcome.

"Wednesday evening will be an introduction to the course, but hopefully we'll get started on the first section."

Part one of the course will look at worship, part two will focus on learning and caring, while the third section is about evangelism.

The course will alternate with the weekly Worship on Wednesday sessions at Haydon Bridge — evenings of informal worship and song — which are also open to all.

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